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1oz of starter micro worms culture.  

FREE SHIPPING! micro worms and brine shrimp eggs always ship free 1-3 oz will ship without tracking anything over will have tracking 


Micro worms live for several weeks, but not more than a month. They grow quickly to maturity (about 3 days) and reach a maximum size (.45 ? 2 mm) in just six days Micro worms are extremely prolific and easy to grow at home. Since they are smaller than newly hatched brine shrimp, they are ideal for small fry. Small fry can be given micro worms as their first food, while extremely small fry need to feed on infusoria or similar for a while before they can switch to micro worms. Many small fish species, such as tetras, will actually appreciate micro worms throughout their entire life. Despite their common name, micro worms are not really worms ? they are nematodes. Micro worms are completely harmless to your fish and you can add live micro worms to the aquarium without risking the health of your pets.
Easy Instructions
Cook some oatmeal and let it cool overnight
Get a clean container and add oatmeal to the bottom don't fill any more then half way
Gently mix in a little dry active yeast and your starter culture
Put a lid on it and poke some holes in the lid for air
As the oatmeal ages the microworms will feed off the produced yeast 
Keep the culture between 68-85 degrees F and away from direct sunlight
Stir once a week
If the culture gets too watery you can add a slice of bread to the container to soak it up. Because the bread will have some yeast in it, the effects are both to soak up the slop and to rejuvenate the culture with food

1 oz Micro Worms Starter Culture

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