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About Us

Zion's Betta World is a Connecticut based betta fish breeder and live reptile feeder insect breeder. We are located on the Ellington/Stafford town line near Crystal Lake.  While we don't have a physical store front we offer both same day curbside pickup, local delivery within 10 miles of Crystal Lake and nationwide shipping along with pay online or cash on pickup. All of our fish and most of our insects we sell are bred and raised right on site, making our betta fish much healthier and happier then the sick betta fish you so often see in chain pet stores. Our company was started after seeing the joy and satisfaction that it brings to a betta fish owner when they select and take home a healthy betta fish . We want as many people as possible to enjoy Betta fish the way we do.  We work with our customers to educate them, answer questions, and provide them with everything they and their bettas need for a fantastic life together.  We branched out to feeder insects to supply to our bearded dragons and decided to offer them to our community and beyond.


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