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About Us

Zion's Betta World is based in Connecticut is you local source for Bearded Dragons, Betta Fish and Feeder Insects. We are located on the Ellington/Stafford town line near Crystal Lake.  While we don't have a physical store front we offer both same day curbside pickup, local delivery within 10 miles of Crystal Lake and nationwide shipping along with pay online or cash on pickup. We specialize in high quality healthy bearded dragons, betta fish and feeder insects. Our company was started after the kids expressed interest in seeing how betta fish breed.  It all took off from there and we branched out to bearded dragons. When the local pet store closed down we started to offer feeder insects as well.   We loved seeing  the joy and satisfaction of new  pet owners when they select and take home a healthy high quality pet . We want to continue this for years to come and give as many  people as possible the opportunity to enjoy bearded dragons and betta fish the way we do.  We work with our customers to educate them, answer questions, and provide them with everything they need for a have a fantastic life with their new pet.  Our support doesn't stop when you buy a pet from us it continues throughout their life as we are always available to answer any questions.             


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