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3 oz  VINEGAR EELS STARTER CULTURE: An aliquot from a premium matured culture with high quality and quantity of eels. Culture is prepared using high quality apple vinegar. Vinegar eels are one of the first and best common live food for fish fry such as Killifish, Apistogramma, Corydoras, Betta, and many other fry too small to eat microworm or baby brine shrimp. They survive many days in aquariums, and swim throughout the water which trigger the hunting instinct of fish fry. They are extraordinarily easy to keep and can thrive for years with minimal attention. When the culture matures, vinegar eels can be harvested any time when you need them.Easy Instructions to start your cultureFill the jar with a 1:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar and water, Add the starter culture leave a little space at the top for air and also make sure to cut a small air hole in the top of the jar. Wash the apple thoroughly to remove any contaminants on the skin. Cut it into pieces and stick into the jar with the diluted vinegar

3 oz Vinegar Eels Starter Culture

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